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Production house dedicated to commercials since 2001

Soma, it's here

Production :

Geneviève Cabana-Proulx
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Marc-Antoine Lambert
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Simon Corriveau-Gagné
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Michel David
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Sophie Thériault
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Development and communications :

Gabrielle Harvey
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Operations :

Audrey Tardif
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Coordination :

Lili Bertrand-Vermette
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Béatrice Langlois-Bettez
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Alix Desoomer
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Reception :

Clara Laflamme
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Accounting :

Thérèse Tremblay
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Verо́nica Lerma
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Responsible for the protection of personal information :

Marc-Antoine Lambert
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SOMA does not tolerate or accept any form of discrimination or harassment. If you are a victim or witness, please do not hesitate to discuss the matter with your producer or contact our VP, Marc-Antoine Lambert. SOMA takes your well-being seriously.